Request for Written Comments on Transmission Planning

The New England states request written comments on the topics and discussions addressed in the transmission planning technical forum held on February 2, 2021. Links to the recording and presentations are available at

Please provide any written comments by March 1, 2021 by submitting them to: Comments will be publicly posted on this website. In addition to any particular feedback you may choose to provide, we ask that you also consider providing feedback on the following: 

  • How would stakeholders like to participate in providing input into the long-term system plan? 
  • How can stakeholder participation and/or the process be shaped to provide this input as efficiently as possible? 
  • Would stakeholders be comfortable with having the ISO use state-provided scenarios for the first round of the “2021 ISO-NE Long Term System Plan”?  
  • Recognizing that the transmission plan will be improved through future iterations, would stakeholders prefer (1) a “fast” first round or (2) an approach where ISO take its time with the first round? 
  • Please build on the discussion at the technical forum regarding the savings involved in the early implementation of long-term requirements.

Request for Written Comments

The New England states request written comments on the topics and discussions addressed in the two technical forums held on wholesale market design on January 13, 2021 and January 25, 2021. Links to the recordings and presentations are available at

We welcome any feedback you may choose to provide. We ask that, to the extent your comment supports a particular market design or approach, including any that were not discussed at the technical forums, the written comments include a high level overview of the steps (including sequencing) necessary for implementing such an approach.

Written comments are due by February 24, 2021 and may be submitted to Written comments will be posted publicly on this website after this deadline.

Governance Reform Technical Forum Date, Time, and Registration Information

The Governance Reform Technical Forum will be held from 9am to 2pm on February 25, 2021. A registration link to the technical forum is available here: A final agenda will be posted at a later date.

Day 2 Wholesale Market Design Technical Forum Recording and Presentations

The link to the recording for the Day 2 Wholesale Market Design Technical Forum is now available at Some of the presentations from the conference are also now available at the same link, and we will add others as we receive them.

Day 2 Technical Forum Final Agenda

Below, please find the final agenda for Day 2 of the New England states’ technical forum exploring wholesale market reforms in the New England region. Please note that this technical forum will now begin at 12:30pm on Monday, January 25th. A registration link is available at the top of the final agenda.