New England States’ Vision for a Clean, Affordable, and Reliable 21st Century Regional Electric Grid


New England States’ Vision for a
Clean, Affordable, and Reliable 
21st Century Regional Electric Grid

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Welcome to the New England States’ Vision Statement website.  In October 2020, the six New England states released our “Vision Statement” outlining our vision for a clean, affordable, and reliable 21st century regional electric grid.  In our Vision Statement, the New England states committed to engaging in a collaborative and open process, supported by NESCOE, intended to advance the principles discussed in the Vision Statement.  As part of this effort, the New England states announced a series of online technical forums to discuss the issues presented in the Vision Statement.  This website will serve as the primary source of information for these technical forums and a central repository for documents and communications related to these technical forums.


The New England Energy Vision Statement Report to Governors

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