Equity and Environmental Justice

Written Comments Received

Written Comments

The New England states request written comments on the equity and environmental justice topics and discussions addressed in Engage with New England Energy on March 18, 2021. Links to the recording and presentations (in English and Spanish) are available below.

Please provide any written comments by May 13, 2021 by submitting them to: claire.sickinger@ct.gov. Comments will be publicly posted on this website.

Engage with New England Energy: Recording and Presentations

Recording Link: Engage with New England Energy

Presentations for this session:

The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, Maine Governor’s Energy Office, Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission, Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources, and Vermont Department of Public Service (collectively, State Agencies) jointly announce that on March 18, 2021 from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM the State Agencies will hold a public forum to address equity and environmental justice concerns related to the New England States’ Vision for a Clean, Affordable, and Reliable 21st Century Regional Electric Grid (Vision Statement).

This virtual public forum will be free to attend and conducted via Zoom (link below). The intent of the forum is to introduce the broad range of issues covered by the New England Energy Vision process in plain language and allow time for participants’ questions and discussion with regional policy makers. The forum and presentation slides will be translated in both English and Spanish. Information about accommodations is contained in the flyer.

You may Register Here For Free for this event. A flyer announcing the event is reproduced below. We encourage you to download and share the flyer for this public forum. The flyer may be downloaded in both English and Spanish below:

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